One Solution

Our engineering department designs the entire automation process, from mechanical, pneumatic and electronic components to the management software.

Safety, Reliability, Resistance

Complying with the highest standards of safety, machine reliability and long-term endurance is paramount in all our projects.

Performance engineering

We study the on-site production technology, workflow and specifics of each project in order to develop and propose the best solutions.

Flexibility and Customization

Thanks to the company structure and our flexibility, we can respond quickly to customer requests in different fields.

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Highlights of our activity:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Project drafting
  • Construction
  • Software development
  • On-site installation and startup
  • After-sales support

Our expertise focuses on automating systems and processes to ensure maximum productivity in every industry.

Massimo MottaFounder CEO di PM Impianti

Advanced Technology and Eco sustainable development

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