Manual hose feeding

The machine is designed and built to assembly hoses made of EPDM, PEX, CORRUGATED and SYLICON both SS and Plastic braided or even without braid.

The machine assemblies on one hose end the ferrule, the fitting (straight and elbow) and the nut, crimping with concentric press and camera quality controls.
It is also possible to label the hose.

The fitting feeding is manual by operator on a conveyor belt. The pre-cut hose is loaded manually by the operator.

Assembled product

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Technical features

langENØ Pipemin. DN6N – max. 1”
langENPipe lengthmin. 150 – max. 2500
langENCadence (piece / hour)700
langENComponents assembled4-5
langENOperators in charge1
langENProduct change15 min.